When using the Java code generation in Java Explorer we are getting a "webAxisProxy1.Service1Soap12Stub cannot be cast to webAxisProxy1.Service1Soap_BindingStub" exception. This is reported when replaying an exported Java Explorer script in SilkPerformer Workbench.

Assuming you are licensed for .Net Explorer and it is compatible with the Web Service, you can use .Net Explorer to export a .Net Framework script or Web script that can be executed in SilkPerformer Workbench avoiding Java Explorer.

If .Net Explorer is not an option, you must manually modify the .java file in SilkPerformer Workbench in order to resolve. 
  • Add an import for webAxisProxy1.Service1Soap_PortType

  • Modify the declaration of webAxisProxy1 variable so that it is of type Service1Soap_PortType

  • Modify the return type of the subTest_Service1LocatorService_1_getService1Soap12_3() method to Service1Soap_PortType

  • Modify the failing call to retVal = (Service1Soap_PortType) Service1LocatorService_1.getService1Soap12();