If an Application executable does not exist on the local SilkTest machine and you wish to start this executable when the testcase is executed from either a local SilkTest install or via an Execution Server from SilkCentral Test Manager you should do the following:

1) From the machine on which the testcase will be executed open “Windows Explorer” and create a mapped drive which points to the directory which contains the executable on the remote machine. In this instance I have create a mapped drive named X which will browse to the directory “\\Hostname\C:\Program Files\Borland\SilkTest”.

2) Open the Mapped Directory (X) in Windows Explorer from local machine and ensure that you can launch the executable; which in this example is: DotNetTestApp_20.exe

3) Modify the existing SilkTest frame file so that you have referenced the mapped drive (X) which represents the path to the directory which contains the Application

4) Further modify the SilkTest frame.inc so that the sCmdLine is pointing to the executable within the mapped directory, like so:

[ ] const wMainWindow = TestApplication
[ ]
[-] window MainWin TestApplication
 [-]  multitag "[SwfDialogBox]Test Application"
  [ ]  "$Menu"
 [ ]
 [ ] // The working directory of the application when it is invoked (Mapped Drive)
 [ ] const sDir = "X:\"
 [ ]
 [ ] // The command line used to invoke the application
 [ ]  const sCmdLine = "DotNetTestApp_20.exe "
 [ ]