In SilkTest Classic, the SilkTest Classic Agent has reusable functions for an HtmlTable object.  Using the Open Agent, the HtmlTable object is now recognized as a DomTable object, however, various methods that were available for the Classic Agent are not available for the Open Agent.  How can a user perform steps that use the GetRowRangeText or GetFormattedText methods on a DomTable object using the Open Agent?
This archive contains the following files:
 * sample application

This archive provides additional functions for working with Open Agent DomTable objects in SilkTest similar to those available to the Classic Agent.

Software Requirements:

Setup Instruction:
 1. Extract the xDomTable folder in the archive to the SilkTest installation directory


 The following functions are available in
          GetRowRangeText(TABLEROW StartRow optional, TABLEROW EndRow optional)
          GetRowChildren(TABLEROW Row)
          GetColChildren(TABLECOL Col)
          GetColumnFormattedText(TABLECOL Col)
          GetColumnName(TABLECOL Col)
          GetIndex(STRING sText, TABLECOL Col optional, INTEGER iOccurrence optional)

Usage: As used in DomTable_OA.stp

 Once the xDomTable folder has been extracted to the SilkTest installation directory,
 user can specify the file in the SilkTest Runtime Options or within the Testscript file.

 Specifying in the SilkTest Runtime Options for usage across SilkTest project:
  1. From SilkTest, goto Options | Runtime
  2. In the 'Use files' section, add 'xDomTable\'

 Specifying in SilkTest Frame/Testscript file for usage in a single SilkTest project:
  1. Add the following line at the beginning of the Frame/Testscript file
   use "xDomTable\"

Note: change the classname of your recorded DomTable object to xDomTable to expose the above methods.