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PowerBuilder FAQ

PowerBuilder FAQ

General Information

PowerBuilder support is stabilized at PBv6.5. It was decided that only controls that were developed before and up to PowerBuilder Version 6.5 for all would be supported in future versions of SilkTest. Effectively, if a control is present in version 6.5 and is modified by later versions of PowerBuilder, SilkTest should still be able to work with it. SilkTest cannot work with PowerBuilder controls that have been modified by a third-party. If a control shows up as a CustomWin then it is likely that the version you are running has been changed/modified to the point where SilkTest can no longer recognise it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is the test applications located for PowerBuilder?

    The test application for PowerBuilder can be found in the folder at \\hercules\qa\Pbuilder7_TestApp_New

  • How do I get the Test Applications running on my PC?

    1. Copy over the folder called Pbuilder7_TestApp_New located at \\hercules\qa\.
    2. Then copy the database file (testappb.db) to your pc at a specific location: YourDrive:\PowerBuilder\pb7\Testappb.db
    3. Now configure the odbc link and the information for that is:
      Control Panel ->Administrative Tools -> ODBC

      Select ASA 6.0 Sample and click Add and then Finish

    4. The ODBC Configuration: Select the ODBC tab:
      Data Source Name: testapp70 Description: PB7 Test Application

      Select the Login tab:

      UserID: dba Password: sql

      Select the Database tab:

      DataBase file: YourDrive:\PowerBuilder\pb7\Testappb.db

      Return to the ODBC tab and click on "Test Connection". If all is configured correctly, then you should receive a connection successful message and the test application should now be ready to go.

  • How do I Enable support for my PowerBuilder Application with SilkTest?

    SilkTest does support applications built with PowerBuilder 6.x, 7 and 8 but does not support any new objects introduced from 6.5 onwards. PowerBuilder is also not supported in SilkTest International.

    To enable recognition of your PowerBuilder application you need to complete the following steps;

    1. Go to "Start/Programs/SilkTest/Extension Enabler".
    2. Click on the button entitled "New..." which will bring up a new dialog.
    3. In the textfield provided enter your PowerBuilder executable including the extension and click "Ok".
    4. A new extension will appear now in your Extension enabler. In the "DropDown List" beside your new extension entitled "Primary Extension" select PowerBuilder.
    5. This must be also completed in the same fashion within SilkTest under "Options/Extensions"

  • Why can the "Enable Extensions" Workflow button not configure SilkTest recognition for a PowerBuilder Application?

    When attempting to use the "Enable Extensions" button, SilkTest will detect that the PowerBuilder application is a client-server application but cannot add the executable of the PowerBuilder application or add the PowerBuilder primary extension.

    To resolve this, ensure that "write" access to the application"s executable itself is available. Should this executable be located on a networked drive, it is imperative that the user has "write" permissions to this location. If not, SilkTest will be unable to add this executable to the extensions.

    Also ensure that SilkTest is installed with full administrative privileges.

  • Why does the SilkTest GetRowValue() method only return the value of the first row for a DWCompute object in PowerBuilder?

    If GetRowValue() only returns the value of the first row for a DWCompute object when testing PowerBuilder, the SetCurrentRow() method may also return the error "current row # cannot be set".

    Adding a SetActive for the top level window just before the SetCurrentRow can remedy this issue, see the code sample below where "DW_1" is of the "DataWin" class and "Average" is of the "DWCompute" class.

    [-] testcase test1() [ ] Anytype atTempVal [ ] Boolean bTempVal1 [ ] Integer iTempVal2, iTempVal3, i, iCount [ ] iTempVal2 = PowerBuilder70BenchmarksRe.Dw_1.GetRowCount () [ ] [-] for iTempVal3 = 1 to iTempVal2 [ ] print("iTempVal3={iTempVal3}") // Adding the SetActive() in front of SetCurrentRow() when trying to access the row fixes the issue [ ] PowerBuilder70BenchmarksRe.SetActive() [ ] PowerBuilder70BenchmarksRe.Dw_1.SetCurrentRow (iTempVal3) [ ] atTempVal = PowerBuilder70BenchmarksRe.Dw_1.Average.GetRowValue (iTempVal3) [ ] [ ] print("atTempVal={atTempVal}") //Results: [-] Testcase test1 - Passed [ ] iTempVal3=1 [ ] atTempVal=0.000011 [ ] iTempVal3=2 [ ] atTempVal=0.009420 [ ] iTempVal3=3 [ ] atTempVal=0.230250 [ ] iCount=3

    Previously only "atTempVal=0.000011" would have been returned.

  • What causes the error "Error: $Column cannot be given input focus" using click on PowerBuilder Data Win class?

    This error is given when a column is not enabled and a click method is applied to this column. Set bRawEvent to TRUE to avoid this error.

    By default, bRawEvent is FALSE. When FALSE, SilkTest uses the standard Windows messaging mechanism (journal playback) to perform actions. Usually this works fine. If your test plays back correctly, use the default. There are times, however, when this doesn"t work and your test won"t play back correctly.

    In such situations, set bRawEvent to TRUE. When TRUE, SilkTest uses a low-level mechanism to perform the actions.

  • Does SilkTest support testing of PowerBuilder embedded PSR files?

    What is a PSR file? A PSR file is PowerBuilder file that is embedded into a web page.

    At present there is no support for this technology. These files can be distributed as both PSR and Html. SilkTest will have no problems testing the Html based application, but you will not be able to get correct recognition of an embedded file.

  • How to use SilkTest/QAP to do remote testing of a PB apps, including Table Verification?

    You can test PowerBuilder applications using a 4Test Agent running on a remote machine. Simply install the PowerBuilder Extension both on the host machine (where QAP/SilkTest is running) and on the remote machine, in the Agent home directory.

    The Table Verification feature stores and references data files having the extension .tbl on the machine where the 4Test Agent is running.
    When using the SilkTest with a remote Agent, any PB .tbl files referenced by your testcases will need to be copied to the remote machine into the proper locations. Likewise, if you record testcases that verify tables using a remote Agent, you will need to retrieve copies of the .tbl files from the remote machine for archival purposes.

    (For details on remote testing, see the "Testing Client/Server Applications" section of the SilkTest and User"s Guide for more details on testing over a network.)

  • How to test 16-bit PowerBuilder applications under 32-bit Windows?

    We no longer support the ability to test 16-bit applications on Win32 platforms. We"ve stopped testing these platforms. However, the technique below should work for you, for We haven't removed the agent code that allows you to do this.

    You must add the appropriate 16-bit items to your PATH. If you have 32-bit PowerBuilder installed, you must add the 16-bit items *before* the 32-bit items. (Remember that under NT/2000 you will use the System Control Panel to modify the User Variable PATH. Under Windows 9X you must modify the definition of PATH in AUTOEXEC.BAT and reboot.)

  • Is PowerBuilder Supported in all versions of SilkTest?

    No. SilkTest International has never supported PowerBuilder. The versions of PowerBuilder supported by SilkTest changes as we incorporate support for later versions. The definitive source of information is contained in the release notes.

    The position as of September 2006, is that SilkTest2006 does not support PowerBuilder, but SilkTest 8.0 provided with the 2006 release does provide support PowerBuilder 9 and 10. Support for PowerBuilder 10.5 was added with a Hotfix 8.0.01


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