Created On:  20 May2010


Why do I encounter the error message “QualityWorks/Silk Agent, Error Signature, AppName:agent.exe” when using “Record | Window Identifiers”?


You may encounter the above or similar error message when recording Window Indentifiers using the SilkTest Classic Agent if you have enabled the “Accessibility” extension against your application when there is no need to do so.  For example the above error message occurred when a user had enabled both the .NET extension and the Accessibility extension in order to obtain object recognition against a .NET Form. You can un-check the Accessibility extension by going to both:

SilkTest GUI | Options | Extensions
Start | Programs | SilkTest | Extension Enabler

The reason why the error message can occur is because the MSAA interface has gone End Of Life by Microsoft some years ago; therefore it can create some problems with newer technologies and in some rare cases we have also seen that it leads to instabilities when multiple extensions are enabled and Accessibility is involved.  Therefore our position is that this extension should only be actively checked on enabling extensions when it is really needed, while considering the product status declared by Microsoft.