I have recorded a visual test against my application; however there have been modifications to the application. Can I test these modifications e.g. additional screens adding these recorded Test Steps to an initial Visual Test without creating a new visual test or re-recording the entire test?
It is possible to add further recorded steps from a specific point within the Visual Test Steps. This means modifications made to your application structure can be recorded and included in the same visual test. 

·         Select the Start Step

·         Open the properties of the Step

·         Highlight the ‘Execute Base state’

·         The default option for ‘Execute Base state’ is ‘True’.  This needs to be ‘False’ to prevent the application recording from the ‘Start’ or base step. The user can then record from a specific step within the visual test.

·         Launch the application and locate the section of the application which needs to be tested.

·         Select a step from which you want to record from. 

·         Select Record

·         Record the steps of the interaction with the application

If you wish to replay the entire recording from the Start Step to End Step, please re-enable the base state. (This begins testing from the Start Step but also from the applications base state.)
This will allow you to record test steps against the newer modifications to your application adding these Test Steps to your initial visual test.  The recording will begin from the Test Step initially specified by the user.  This means you do not have to re-record the entire test.
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