SAP applications have a monitor that detects if an external tool is trying to attach (or hook) to the application. The following "A script is trying to attach to the GUI" message will then be displayed.

You cannot use SilkTest to automate a SAP application while this notification is being received.
In order to remove this notification you need to click the "Customizing of Local Layout" icon or press "Alt-F12" and access the "Options".

Click the right arrow on the Options dialog until you reach the"Scripting" tab.

You then need to uncheck the "Notify When a Script Attaches to a Running GUI" and "Notify When a Script Opens a Connection" options as shown below. Ensure that you leave the parent option "Enable Scripting" checked.

Now when you attempt to automate the SAP application with SilkTest you will no longer get the notification.