Created On:  12 May 2011
If The Silk Test Recorder closes unexpectedly when the progress bar for 'Connecting to the Open Agent' is approximately two-thirds complete. The Recorder logfiles may show an error trying to connect ot the Java RMI service.
This problem can been caused by McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention disabling communication between the Recorder and the Open Agent. The exact versions known to cause the problem are:

McAfee Agent v4.5.0.1270
Host Intrusion Prevention v7.0.0.1159
Safeboot Device Encryption v5.2.8
McAfee Site Advisor Enterprise Plus v3.0.0.476
McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise Module v8.7.0.129
Scan Engine v5400.1158

The solution is to allow McAfee to 'learn' the Recorder and Open Agent processes. See the McAfee documentation on how to do this. Please note that other version of McAfee may also cause the same problem.