Silk4Net - CSharp xBrowser tests fail with one or more of the following problems in multiple scripts:

1. Assert.AreEqual returns not equal in multiple places
2. Window not found
3. Application not found

There are a number of typographical errors that cause the 'window not found' and 'application not found' errors. In addition, the GMO sample application is missing an identifier for one of the dialog boxes. Finally, when running the xBrowser insurance sample application tests in Firefox, you may receive a number of 'Assert.AreEqual' being not equal errors when attempting to retrieve the number of insurance agents available and the number of quotes that have been logged. This is caused by Firefox being slower than Internet Explorer when tasked with a .Counts() request.

Please unzip the attached CSharp scripts to the:

\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\SilkTest\samples\Silk4NET\src\Silk4NET.Samples.CSharp\xBrowser

folder and overwrite the original scripts. These replacements fix all of the problems noted above.