Created On:  27 May 2010
If you have a number of Classic Agent test cases that were created in Windows XP and now wish to run them on Windows 7. The Silk Test Classic Windows XP 4Test script will not work on Windows 7 and you may get a "window not found" error.
Microsoft did a considerable amount of work on the taskbar/start menu between XP and Windows 7 and have changed the the underlying objects in Windows 7. The taskbar is still recognised as a taskbar though.

1. under XP the start menu is recognised as a dialogbox

[ ] Taskbar.SetActive ()
[ ] Taskbar.Start.Click ()
[ ] DialogBox3.SetActive ()

2. under Win7 the start menu is now recognised as Start

[ ] Taskbar.Start.SetActive ()
[ ] Taskbar.Start.Click ()
[ ] StartMenu.SetActive ()

The best way to resolve this problem is to add a check structure to the testcase using a GUIType call. The GUIType specifier for Windows 7 (and Windows 2008) is not implemented in SilkTest 2009 R2, so you will need to NOT all other test systems to catch Win7. For example, the layout would be as follows:

[-] if (GetGUIType () != WinXP and GetGUIType () != Win2003)  //and any other O/S under test
  [ ] do the Win7 stuff here
[-] else
  [ ] do WinXP and Win2003 stuff here
[ ] continue with the common code here

The correct GUIType specifiers will be added in SilkTest 2010.