Created On:  04 February 2011
One known cause of this is a lack of a caption on the application. When you run the SilkTest Recorder, Record Window Locations or Application Configurations, SilkTest will list the application in the selection box but the righthand column ('Caption') is blank. This happens because without a caption, SilkTest cannot create a hooking configuration. If you then select your application and click OK, SilkTest will see it as a single block ('control').

To resolve this problem, do the following steps:

1. Start a second application such as Notepad.
2. Hook Notepad and save the Recovery System (if required).
3. From the SilkTest GUI, select Options | Application Configurations.
4. Manually enter the path to your executable.

At this point you should now be able to resolve your AUT

5. Close Notepad.
6. From the SilkTest GUI, select Options | Application Configurations and remove the Notepad configuration (if it is there).
7. Manually update the Recovery System to suit.
Incident #2486289