Created On:  16 July 2012
After upgrading SilkTest to version 13 and then creating a new/upgrading the Oracle 11g database you may get the following error when you attempt to login in as the 'Admin' user:

If you then try to login with the 'Admin' user and password 'admin' you may get an error message stating that the password is invalid.

However it may be the case that you are able to login using Admin/Admin. If this is successful you may find that the logged in user is not an Administrator, for example you will not be able to create new scripts or access the Tools - Administration section.

The reason for this problem is that when the Database Maintenance program created/upgraded the Oracle database, it did not edit/insert a record into the STW_USERS table for the Admin user due to a syntax error in the SQL statement. I have attached ORACLE.SQL to this article that has the corrected SQL statement in it. It should be copied to C:\Program Files\Silk\SilkTest\ng\gui\DB (assuming the default installation location for SilkTest. Also ensure that you make a backup copy of the original file first.

Once the modified file is in place, if you use Database Maintenance to create a new or upgrage an existing Oracle database, you should be able to login with the Admin user.

If you have already upgraded your database you can fix it by running the following SQL statements on the database. Note that you should take a back-up of the database before making any changes directly to the database.

The first thing you need to do is to delete the existing 'Admin' user:


Next you need to recreate it using the following SQL statement:

INSERT INTO STW_USERS (TPID, TPFULLNAME, TPPASSWORD, TPLASTLOGIN, TPUSERROLE, TPDEFAULTSECURITY, TPSECURITYMAP) VALUES ('1', 'Administrator', '68FA774D49E3F2FAB043FBD30A853C9C21E810CD6C981E0C0C4109EE35B71DD1', TO_DATE('02/11/10 13:26', 'MM/DD/YY HH24:MI:SS'), '1', '5', '3100320033003400');

Finally commit the changes to the database by using the Commit statement:


Now when you start up SilkTest you should be able to login using Admin/admin and the user will be an Administrator.

Incident #2582373