Created On:  24-05-2010
In some instances it may not be possible to use the standard options for selecting multiple items in a Treeview object; such as the MultiSelect() or SelectList() functions, and it may only be possible to select a single item at a time.  How do you select multiple items in a Treeview Object?
The following solution involves overwriting the default SelectList() function for the Treeview object, so that it will accept multiple selections. The function accepts a ListofItems as a parameter, and is is entered directly below the Treeview definition in the Frame file:
[ ] Treeview Treeview1
     [ ] multitag "#1"
       <> "$59648"
     [ ] void SelectList(List of LISTITEM lsItems)
          Agent.SetOption(OPT_VERIFY_RESPONDING, False)
          LISTITEM lsItem
          [ ] for each lsItem in lsItems
              Agent.SetOption(OPT_VERIFY_RESPONDING, True)
The following Testcase creates a list; populates the list with the items to be selected from the Treeview, and calls the Treeview's SelectList() function:
  [ ] testcase MultiSelect()
     // Populate list with Items to select.
        lsItems = ({"Option1", "Option3", "Option5", "Option7", "Option9"})
     // Call the Treeview's SelectList function, passing in the list of Items
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