Created On:  09 September 2011
If you create an Excel file on machine1 and save it on the C:\ drive, when you create an ActiveData asset in Workbench, it will reference the file locally - C:\excel_file.xslx. However, if you also want to use this file on machine2, you cannot reference it this way as it will not exist on machine2 locally. How do you use an Excel file of ActiveData within Workbench on two separate machines?
There are two ways of being able to use the same file on both machine1 and machine2.

1. Have a copy of the same file on each machine locally - C:\excel_file.xslx

However, this method has a downside – if the file is updated on one machine and not the other, then each machine will be using different data as their ActiveData and this can cause inconsistencies in the tests.

2. (The best method): Create a shared folder on machine1 which contains the Excel File - say C:\Shared. Grant machine2 access to this folder.

In SilkTest Workbench, when creating your ActiveData, you can refer to this UNC path:


Both machines will now be able to use the same data and it will only require one file to be updated rather than having multiple copies of the same file. One point bearing in mind, however, is that there is a limitation on this. If the file is being edited on one machine it can only be opened as read-only on other machines.
Incident #2536437