Created On:  09 March 2011
Verification can fail when comparing two blank fields in Silk Test when the application under test is showing as blank for a field, and has been defined as an empty string in Silk Test.
Sometimes it is possible that the field showing as blank actually has some whitespaces within it, and this is why verification is failing but the Actual and Expected results look the same.

Using the Trim() function to remove any whitespaces before carrying out the verification can resolve this.
The syntax of the Trim function is:
StrippedString = Trim(stringToStrip)

So in your test you could have something like this:

[-] testcase trimExample1 () appstate none
 [ ] App1.SetActive()
 [ ] string sOne = App1.Child1.GetText()
 [ ] Verify(trim(sOne),"")