When executing the ScrollIntoView() method against a WPFToolkit DataGridCell in the SilkTest 2010 Workbench, why does the method not scroll the requested cell into view?

This is a known issue in SilkTest 2010 which affects using the ScrollIntoView method against a DataGridCell that is not visible on screen. Although the testcase may still pass successfully; the method does not scroll the requested cell to a visible position. This issue has been logged to Development and will be resolved with the release of SilkTest 2010 R2.

In the meantime customers can workaround this by calling ScrollIntoView() against the parent DataGrid rather than the required DataGridCell; passing a Row and optionally a column number for the required cell:

 > WPFDataGrid.ScrollIntoView(LISTITEM row, LISTITEM column optional)

For example the following method call will scroll Row 13 of the DataGrid into view:

 [ ] Desktop.Find("/WPFWindow[@caption='Options']//WPFDataGrid[@automationId='dg']").ScrollIntoView(13)

Incident #2473082