Although it is possible to print Visual Tests Steps to a PDF document; some type of PDF Writer software must first be installed on the SilkTest Workbench machine. A free version of CutePDF Writer is available for download at the following location:

Once this has been installed, a PDF copy of the Visual Test can be created as follows:

1. Launch the SilkTest Workbench and open the Visual Test from the Asset Browser.
2. Launch the Print dialog box by clicking the Print icon in toolbar, choosing 'File > Print' from the menubar; or by right-clicking a Visual Test Step or Screen Capture, and choosing 'Print' from the context menu:

3. In the 'Printer - Name' dropdown box; select CutePDF Writer:

4. Set the Print Options: To customize the print output, click Options and select the type of information that you want to include in the printed output. In the following example; we have chosen to include only screen captures for each Visual Test Step.

5. Click 'Ok' to close the Options dialog and again on the Print dialogbox to confirm.
6. Choose the directory to save the document to, and click 'Save' to generate the PDF document:

7. The generated PDF document can then be found in the directory specified: