Windows Update for July 2012 upgraded VBA to version This causes TestPartner to fail on startup with an error message stating that it is incompatible with the current version of VBA.

There is a hotfix attached to this article.


1. All files in this .zip file should be extracted to the same directory on the local machine.

2. Make sure that TestPartner is not running.

3. Go to the location on your hard drive where TestPartner is installed; typically this is C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\TestPartner

4. Rename the following files:
    VBAVer.exe              to    VBAVer.exe.original     Svcs\TPSvcVba.dll    to    Svcs\TPSvcVba.dll.original

5. Copy the following files (in this ZIP) to the following locations

    File                           Folder     ---------------          ---------------------     VBAVer.exe            to the root folder of your TestPartner installation     TPSvcVba.dll           to  the Svcs folder
This intermediate hotfix will be included in the next full hotfix for TestPartner.