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StarTeam Agile - Blog
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StarTeam Agile - Blog

Scott Hess Absent Member.
Absent Member.

The latest version of StarTeam Agile is now available. Check out the Release Notes to see what's new.

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Micro Focus Expert
Micro Focus Expert

This week we have released a new build of StarTeam Agile. We have updated the Tomcat server to 7.0.47


The following fixes are contained in patch 3 (build

Task #


Support for opening external URLs on Story, Task, Requirement, and Defect which may be set by Borland Connect
Upgrade of Tomcat version to 7.0.47 for security vulnerability fixes.

To download this build please visit the product download page on supportline.


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Micro Focus Expert
Micro Focus Expert

Hello all
The technical support team have created a StarTeam Agile 2.0 server for evaulation and proof of concept testing.
This is hosted on a secure DMZ to allow propects to reach this via their web browser.
So, if you ever wanted to evaluate StarTeam Agile but did not have the time or resources to install please contact the supportline team and we can provide you with full access to this over the web.

We can also take you through a product and feature demonstration to highlight the benefits of using StarTeam Agile.


Regards, David

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Micro Focus Expert
Micro Focus Expert

This month see’s the release of StarTeam Agile version 2.0. See below for a breakdown on what is new in Agile 2.0. 

Capacity Planning

  • Default Capacity You can now set users default capacity (hours) for a project. By default, every new sprint will assume that capacity for the user.
  • Override Capacity Per Sprint Users can override their capacity on a sprint by sprint basis, making it easier to adjust capacity in case of absence for any reason.
  • Capacity indicator within Tasks Creation If capacity is set, the Task Owner list now includes a indicator listing if the user you are assigning the task has available hours (green) or if the user is already over his capacity (red).
  • Capacity Chart within People Filter (Teamboard)
    • The Team Member card in the Team Filter panel now shows a capacity chart that fills accordingly with the user’s capacity availability. 
    • If you hover over the capacity chart, StarTeam Agile displays an insight tool tip with both capacity (Percentage and hours details) and involvement (Percentage and points details) data to show the user’s workload and how much of the sprint is dependent upon them.
    • If the user is over capacity a red indicator is shown on the Capacity Chart
  • Insight Team Burndown and Individual Burndown Capacity Lines
    • Both Team Burndown and Individual Burndown charts now include an additional line to represent the capacity.
    • The capacity line in the burndown changes color accordingly with the allocation (blue if effort is under capacity, red if the effort is over capacity)
  • Teamboard Task Cards Over Capacity Indicator
    • When tasks are assigned to a user that is over capacity, the task cards show the owner label as red.
    • If you hover a task card with an owner over capacity, the hover will contain an indicator explaining how many hours over capacity the owner is.

 Backlog Breakdown View

The Backlog Breakdown View has been introduced to replace and enhance the Hierarchy View on the backlog. The new breakdown view allows you to not only organize and manage your hierarchies but it also allows you to track progress of children items within a hierarchy.

  • You can now filter based on the entire hierarchy, not only top level items. That way if you have child items that match the filter criteria StarTeam Agile will return those hierarchies for you as well.
  • Sprints are now part of the filtering criteria so you can actually look at the hierarchies that have children allocated to a particular sprint.

 Teamboard List View

The teamboard now offers two views, a card view (available in the previous release) and a new flat list view. The list view can be expanded to view both Stories and Tasks in the Sprint and can also be used to edit the Task Status or change a story to Accepted from within the list.

  • Within the List View, you can now execute CarryOver to Sprint and Move to Backlog operations on single items.
  •  Within the List View, you can also execute bulk operations (multiple stories) like: CarryOver to Sprint, Move to Backlog, and Set Target Release for a Story. Story Acceptance

Stories now have an Accepted state, so users can differ from stories that have their work completed but have not accepted, and stories that have been accepted.

  • When a Story is marked Completed, the Story Card will have an added slider button that says Completed. To change the story to Accepted, simply click the button and the Story Status will be updated to Accepted.
  • You can track Accepted/Completed on the Insight Panel (Teamboard View) and the Story Cards in the Sprint Panel.

Cross-Release Sprints

Sprints are no longer bound to releases, that way you can have stories that are targeted to multiple releases within a sprint. The Sprint Planning panel has added a Show All option in the Release list so that all sprints for a project can be selected. Sprints can optionally be assigned to a release as well and the list will allow the user to filter the Sprint Planning panel by each release if needed.

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julianD Absent Member.
Absent Member.

Happy New Year!  And for those who had the chance to take a break, I hope you are feeling refreshed and ready for the year ahead.  I think it's going to be a busy one! 

For StarTeam, if 2012 was the year that saw us bring out Agile and really start to engage with our customers, 2013 is the year for it to show its true value in our customers' workplaces.  As you might expect, we use it here, and its ability to simplify and unify all areas of what we do has already made life easier.  With the arrival of Update 1, things just got even better.

Let's take a look at some of the highlights in StarTeam Agile 1.0 Update 1...

History In The Making

One of the main enhancements you'll find in StarTeam Agile 1.0 Update 1 is the addition of a new tab on the Story, Defect and Requirement cards.  History.  And it's great!  Why?  Firstly because of what it actually does (more in a moment) and secondly, because of the bigger picture it's part of - i.e. the importance and usefulness of building an Agile management tool on top of a change management platform.  How so?  Because all of those assets you're creating and changing throughout the project can be versioned, snapshotted, compared, contrasted and rolled back.  It's all there, under the covers of StarTeam Agile, and the History tab, much like the Impact tab before it (which shows the value of traceability) is great evidence of that power.

In terms of what The History tab actually does, as the name suggests, it lets you see all the changes that have taken place to a story, defect or requirement in StarTeam Agile.  It shows you all the versions that have been created, and allows you to select a pair to review - so you can see things like the addition of tags, the lowering or raising of priority in the backlog, or indeed any changes in the all-important description.

Other Highlights from Update 1

Backlog Search - a small enhancement with a big impact, helping you to move quickly to the right story.  Not much more to say really - it's a search field!

InfoStream Discussions - you should already be enjoying the Discussions feature within StarTeam Agile, making sure that the project team stays in touch with all the issues and questions that crop up during the Sprint.  Previously, when you've been doing this, you've only had Discussions on the Story cards.  But for those of you making use of the InfoStream feature to bring Requirements and Defects into the Backlog from various sources, you'll be pleased to know that we've added Discussions to the Requirements and Defects cards, with all the same great features.  So next time a Requirement InfoStream hits your inbox, and your head is filled with questions, just kick off a discussion and see all that doubt and uncertainty quickly become a thing of the past.

Sorting the Side Panels - we've added sorting to the InfoStream and Sprint card side panels.  On most of the columns, where it makes sense, you can now sort - e.g. alphabetic story names or status or point size etc.  Try it out - useful and fun.

Bookmarking favourite pages - this one's great; simple, but hugely useful.  If there's a page, within StarTeam Agile that you want someone else to see, rather than give them instructions to get there, simply grab the URL at the top of the browser and send it to them.  Same if you want to navigate quickly to certain places, like the teamboard, for example, simply bookmark the URL and you'll be there in no time.

Needless to say, there's a bunch of other stuff too.  So, rather than turn this into a lengthy (but obviously highly informative) list, why not check out the release notes, and then give it a go - you won't regret it.  Request a trial version of StarTeam Agile at http://www.borland.com/products/starteam/try/starteam-agile.aspx.

And then, please, let us know what you think.  There'll be plenty more updates coming up after this one, so why not make sure that a little of what you want is in there too? We actively listen to our customers via our community forums. If you have any requests or questions, please let us know!

All the best for 2013!

Julian - Product Manager, StarTeam

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julianD Absent Member.
Absent Member.

With the StarTeam Agile GA date of September 28th just two days away now, it's time to say goodbye to the beta program we've been running since May 2012 and say a big 'hello' to the next exciting phase in the life of our new product.  Before we do though, I'd like say a personal word of thanks to all the customers who have worked with us to bring this product to market - not only during the alpha and beta phases this year, but before that, through months of design work and user testing, where we tried out our innovative approaches to agile planning and tracking on you.  And before that too, in concept meetings, where we ran our plans past you, to see if our ideas made sense.  In the true spirit of Agile, we feel this has been a real collaboration.  We hope you like the results.

And collaborative it will continue to be.  Join in with the community and have your say.  Head across to our Uservoice site to place your votes and cast your ideas into the mix a s we look to fill the pipeline of features and improvements that will take the product in the right direction.

Like any proud parent, taking your baby out into the big world is an interesting time of mixed emotion.  But while there are the inevitable nerves, we are so proud of where we are and where we are going.  This is where StarTeam Agile belongs - it's a big world kind of product, built with StarTeam at its heart, and enterprise agile firmly in its sights, and it deserves to be out there helping companies tackle complex big world kinds of issues.

So, as we bid farewell to this beta program, my thanks once again for your help and on-going involvement.  Now it's time to get your hands on the GA product and try out yet more cool new features (like the release tracker, sprint discussions and info streams) and really start reaping the benefits of your time and support.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


StarTeam Agile, Product Management

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