Created On:  17 January 2012


A defect is entered in the StarTeam Synchronizer, the defect is synchronized with StarTeam but the CR# is not allocated on the CR field on Quality Center.

The Exception is as follows:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.borland.starteam.impl.ChangeRequest.copy()Lcom/borland/starteam/impl/Item;
                at com.starbase.mtdsync.BugWorker.hasSTBugBeenUpdated(
                at com.starbase.mtdsync.BugWorker.checkTheBugs(
                at com.starbase.mtdsync.BugWorker.sync(
                at com.starbase.mtdsync.App.goSync(
                at com.starbase.mtdsync.App.main(


This exception is know to occur when items that are linked to Change Requests are locked by another end-user.  Ensure that all linked items are unlocked and then rerun synchronization.
Incident #2541874