Created On:  24 January 2011


The following error occurs when selecting the upgrade database option from the Star Team Server Admin interface:


This error message occurs when the StarTeam server and the StarTeam database are hosted on different machines separated by a firewall. The problem only arises when using a SQL Server named instance on the database machine.

The problem is caused by the firewall blocking UDP traffic on port 1434. This is the port that SQL server uses to identify the configuration information of the named instance.

1.  Make sure the server name is correct
2.  Make sure the instance name is correct and there is actually such an instance on the target machine. Some applications converts \\ to \ so try both Server\Instance and Server\\Instance in the connection string
3.  Make sure the server machine is reachable, e.g, DNS can be resolve correctly and the server can be pinged
4.  Make sure the SQL Browser service is running on the database server
5.  If a firewall is enabled on the server put "sqlbrowser.exe" and/or UDP port 1434 into the exception list

    For further details please refer to SQL Protocols.
    Incident #2494718