Created On:  17 October 2012


I want to be able to comment/uncomment blocks of code in Visual COBOL for Eclipse but cannot see any button for this.  In Visual COBOL for Visual Studio there a button to do this.


In Visual COBOL for Eclipse 2.0 you can comment/un-comment a block of code using the following technique:

-First under Windows > Preferences > General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts > Under Basic make sure that the two Entries “Text Editor Block Selection Font” and “Text Font” have the same font and font size set, e.g.  Courier new 10.
-Then in your Cobol Editor windows/View select a block of COBOL code, then on the Eclipse menu you will see a button called “Toggle block selection mode” (keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+A), this will allow you to select a block in the editor, select column 8, once you have selected the column you can press the * and you code will be commented. You can repeat the operation but instead of pressing a * you press the spacebar to uncomment the code block.

Indents can be done using Keyboard shortcut keys Shift+Tab to move the code block to the left and tab to move the block to the right.

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