Change your ART Template Settings and enable: Hide Description Table

Change your ART template settings and enable: Hide Description Table.

When you enable the checkbox  Hide Description Table it will ensure ART generates for all typing steps a normal one sentence instruction. In general this looks much better in a Job Aid document compared to the table with example values to be entered.

Enabling this checkbox will also result in ART including an extra step in Job Aids. By default ART is omitting the "Mouse Click" step before a "Typing" step to not overwhelm the learner with to many non important steps and reduce the size of a Job Aid. However this default behavior might give the wrong results when you have edited/deleted some steps already in your recording.  When you enable the Hide Description Table, ART will no longer omit any steps anymore in the published documents like Job Aids.

Execute the following steps from the ART Editor to enable the feature: Hide Description Table

  • File> Open>Template
  • Select General tab>information
  • Enable check box: Hide Description Table

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