Audio starts with a click sound


I'm testing adding audio to a recording. Playing it in preview simulation and published video I can hear a click when audio starts. Is that normal?

Also, I don't seem to be able to adjust volume, although I set the Speakers to 100%.

Anyone having any experience with audio?

Thanks, Elke

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  • Hi Elke

    I can reproduce this here and was able to access the raw audio outside of ART and can here the clicking noise.

    Can you try recording outside of ART and see if you get the same issue? Maybe just use the Windows sound recorder or something like Audacity.

    If that works, then you can simply use the audios recorded from the external tool as a workaround.

    However this will at least give us an idea as to whether the this is a general problem or it is specific to the in built ART audio recorder.