How to Prepare your Environment to Create an ART Recording


Before you create an ART recording, you must setup your environment.

  1. Set your laptop/desktop display resolution to 1600x900.

    NOTE: Regardless of how you connect to your environment, your desktop/laptop must be set to 1600x900 for recording. Even if you are using RDP to connect to the environment, you must still set your desktop resolution to 1600x900 unless you want to create an MP4 and would want to record at a lesser resolution.
  2. Close all applications, with the exception of Micro Focus ART and the application for which you are recording.
  3. Hide your Windows Task Bar:
    1. Right-click on the task bar and select properties, as shown in the following screenshot.Taskbar.jpg
    2. Select the Auto-hide the taskbar check box, as shown in the following screenshot.Taskbar2.jpg
  4. Hide browser toolbars that you do not need so that you have more room on the screen for the application.
  5. If you need to hide the icons on your desktop, right-click on the desktop and select View > Show desktop icons to disable the option.
  6. Ensure your ART preferences for Recorder are set as shown below.Preferences.PNG


  7. Outline the steps to provide a guide to use while recording the process/procedure in your target application.
  8. Add appropriate data, if necessary, to the target application to complete the tasks.
  9. Ensure you have the proper credentials to log in as a user and not as an admin. You want the screen to look the way it will for an end-user.






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