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The Micro Focus Community is The Gold Standard of Digital-First Engagement

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The Micro Focus Community is pleased to announce that we are a Gold Winner in the Verint Innovate Awards 2022. Micro Focus received the award in the category “Driving Digital-First Engagement” for creating customer journeys with a connected experience across consumers’ channels to create differentiated experiences at scale that drive customer loyalty.

Micro Focus has been a long-term advocate of using a community to provide a forum for collaboration, engagement, help, documentation, training, and discussion on Micro Focus’ 100+ products portfolio.

With an eye on continuously improving the community, we wanted to leverage Verint’s Telligent Community platform to continue to provide support, elevate the voice of the customer through ideation and other initiatives, and to increase productivity.

Our objectives spanned several challenges including:

  • Keeping engagement levels up: Through metrics and analysis of Community activity, we can monitor engagement and adjust quickly to improve our customers’ experiences.
  • Continuous innovation to respond to customer challenges: The Community provides an exceptional pool of knowledge where customers can read and/or participate 24x7x365 - and it’s all free. The Community represents over 100 Micro Focus products, 9 blog categories and 240+ Community groups. We have over 120K Community members and welcome approximately 1500 new members per month. On a monthly basis we receive over 400K interactions, 500K unique views, and 4 million content views. Roughly 3.6K posts of new content are added to make sure our customers are receiving the most up-to-date product information from Micro Focus.
  • Provide better support to our current customers: We work closely with teams across Micro Focus to answer customers’ questions in the discussion forums, post compelling blog articles on a weekly basis, and post product Tips and News regularly. 

Community members benefit from an array of intuitive, value-add services:

  • Dedicated Community Groups for each Micro Focus product: Ask product-specific questions, start discussions, read product tips and blogs, and submit ideas and product enhancement requests.
  • Prescribed labels: Group owners can define a set of pre-defined labels in wikis and Idea Exchanges. Labels allow for a clear knowledge structure for users and group managers. This also improves the way our users search for content.
  • Knowledge Partners: Engage with Community volunteers who are verified, valued product experts and Super Users.
  • News from across Micro Focus: Receive the latest news and updates from Micro Focus Support, Education & Training, Product Teams, and much more, all in one place.
  • Gamification: Community members earn badges for completing various Community activities. We also provide an integration with Credly where Community members can share their certifications through a digital badge.
  • Ideation Platform: Our Idea Exchange includes point-based voting, moderation of ideas, idea workflow, comments, and many more capabilities. The ability to stay close to the heartbeat of our customers was put into motion with this functionality. We went from limited visibility into the process to over 20,000 submitted ideas to date, with 19% of ideas completing the submission process and delivered as product enhancements for our customers. We are also able to provide feedback to customers on the progress of their ideas and leverage enhancements in our marketing and product strategy communications. With an integration to ALM Octane, we can track ideas from inception to delivery. The integration helps our product teams manage the process more fluidly. Customized Ideation metrics help our product teams analyze and manage ideas quickly and efficiently.

Wilfried Rijsemus, Partner at the leading community consultancy 3Sides, which implemented Verint Community at Micro Focus, says, “In my 20 years’ experience of communities, the Micro Focus Community is the best I’ve ever seen, both in terms of execution and what it is achieving.”

We value you, our customers, and Community members, and will continue to work to provide you the best possible experience. As always, we welcome and value your feedback.