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Adoption Readiness Tool ART Newsletter

by Micro Focus Employee in Welcome

In this issue, you will learn about recent ART course releases and our customers Unicredit and ECB who recently bought ART to generate Show-Me simulations to boost the user adoption of Micro Focus applications.

Micro Focus and our customers are using the Adoption Readiness Tool (ART)  to create digital learning content for training, on-boarding, and support. The capture engine from ART enables you to rapidly generate learning content in various formats like: step-by-step Job Aids, Videos and Show-Me & Try-Me simulations and create complete online courses with assessments to boost the user adoption of the Micro Focus business applications and integrated applications.

John Butot
Product Manager, Adoption Readiness Tool and Digital Learning Subscriptions

NEW Releases
ART Content Packs for customer LMS and Webserver
Micro Focus has just released several new ART Content Packs eLearning courses  for uploading into your Learning Management System (LMS) and/or deploy to your Webserver:  
ART - Content Manager 10
ART- Operations Bridge Manager OBM 2021.11  
ART- UFT Mobile 3.5

You can find free samples of this elearning content here www.microfocus.com/software/artsamples

ART Content Packs contain simulation-based learning content including assessments which can be deployed on the customer Learning Management System (LMS) and/or customer Webserver. With ART Content Packs the customer has quick and easy access to our Micro Focus Digital Learning content.

ART Content Packs are sold as software SKUs and are delivered with:

  • voice narrations, simulations, job-aids, and assessments
  • published HTML website for customer intranet/webserver
  • published SCORM files for customer Learning Management Server LMS
  • source files for editing with the ART Editor

There is also an improved ART Developer Kit: version 5.40.8 which you can use to create your own Show-Me and Try-Me simulations, Job Aids, Video’s, and complete eLearning courses.

Learn more about ART and visit our product homepage

Customer ECB European Central Bank uses ART to create micro learnings for Service Manager
In the Service Manager migration project at the European Central Bank (ECB) the online training requirements have been a pre-requisite for the overall Micro Focus order. Here is a short list of the online training requirements:

  • Presentation in the ECB style guide
  • Content for target groups customized according to requirements from
    both IT and user departments
  • Documentation of customer-specific processes from the ECB user's point of view
  • Documentation optimized for daily business operations
  • Include documentation of customer-specific integration for different products (>10)

Solution with ART

  • Important complex processes were divided into smaller parts for which Show-Me Simulations were generated  
  • Show-Me Simulations and "Knowledge Documents" were placed at suitable internal webserver location for quick access via the internet browser

The ART capture engine has been an ideal tool that made this extensive work much easier.

Customer UNICREDIT uses ART to include simulations and videos in the PPM and ALM help pages
Customer UniCredit has bought ART and with the help of the Micro Focus Professional Services team a custom help system for PPM and ALM is being created. Show-Me and Try-Me simulations are created with ART using the customer specific implementation. The ART generated HTML simulations are hosted on an internal webserver and then the links to the simulations are copied into the Micro Focus PPM and ALM help pages itself. In this way users can always get immediate access to detailed step-by-step Show-Me and Try-Me guidance for the function an employee is using at that moment.  UniCredit will also use ART to create simulations for other applications.

Micro Focus Education and ART
The Micro Focus Education eBook is a great introduction on all the Education services and products for our customers including ART.

Did you know we issue about 500+ digital badges every week for people that passed our Digital Online Exams? Have a look here to see which Micro Focus Badges are available for you and your customer.

Visual charts of the learning paths can be found on the Certification page with direct links to individual courses, exams, and digital badges.

Contact John.Butot@microfocus.com for any questions.