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Micro Focus Academic Programs

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Micro Focus has been heavily involved with its academic customers for many years and has developed a number of license programs to meet the different requirements of academic sites around the world. This document attempts to summarize the types of license agreements available and to give pointers to further information and the program documents.

 Micro Focus offers a wide range of products and services to academic institutions under the following Academic Programs: 

  • SLA (School License Agreement) - Subscription Licensing
  • ALA (Academic License Agreement) - Subscription Licensing
  • MLA-ACA (Master License Agreement for Academia) - All licensing types
  • ASO (Academic Single Order) - Transactions for customers who don’t have a signed academic agreement or need to purchase perpetual licenses.

Our objective is to provide easy-to-access reproducible and cost-competitive licensing vehicles for K-12 schools, colleges, universities and academic institutes through these programs. 

With the short and simple ALA or SLA contract and easy annual payment calculations, you can meet your evolving requirements to license, implement, and maintain your software investments. If you prefer, we also provide a flexible, easy and affordable way to purchase your solutions through one-off Academic Single Order transactions where no minimum spend or a signed contract is required, and you can purchase from one of our many qualified authorized resellers. If you have an extensive educational organization and commit to higher level on-going purchases, you can sign the MLA-ACA Agreement and enjoy additional program benefits. 

Purchases under these programs must be for instructional use, academic research or administrative IT by and for students, faculty, staff and parents within the Customer's own institution and not for remarketing or other purposes. 


In order to purchase under the SLA or ALA the academic site must first complete the license document. Then each year they must complete an annual worksheet detailing the number of licenses required. The pricing for licensing under the SLA and ALA can be found on the annual worksheets.

For ASO type orders there is no need to complete a license agreement. A full price list with the academic discounts applied is available to academics on the website and this is updated monthly. As the price list is only available to academics the person requiring the price list has to be a member of the TTP and login to the website in order to retrieve it. Details are given below.


MLA-ACA and ASO orders are all supplied with upgrade protection and access to telephone technical support. Due to the highly discounted nature of the SLA and the ALA these programs are bundled with upgrade protection but the site must purchase incident packs in addition to their license if they need to access telephone technical support.

Counting Users

 For Schools under the SLA we count the number of enrolled students and their parents and the staff can use the software for no charge. Under the ALA we count the number of full-time enrolled students and staff and the parents and alumni can use the software for free. Under the MLA and ASO programs there is an additional counting option called FTES where we count the number of full time equivalent staff and students, parents and alumni can use the software for free.

The key point here is that the numbers declared on the order or worksheet are the officially published figures from the end of the previous academic year. This enables sites to use published data and not have to take into account any fluctuations during the year and thus makes things simpler from an audit compliance point of view as numbers can change a lot during the academic year, especially in schools.

Perpetual Licenses

When you purchase perpetual licenses through an ASO transaction, you are required to purchase Business Support for all of the product licenses you own. This includes perpetual licenses you previously acquired from us which are in active use. After your initial purchase of perpetual licenses plus first-year Business Support, renewing your Support is optional, although highly recommended. We assess back maintenance on licenses of which support contract lapsed or was cancelled when you wish to reinstate your support.

Subscription Licenses

We provide software subscription licenses as alternatives to most existing perpetual license offerings for our software products. Subscription licenses offer simplified budget planning, consistent annual payments and lower initial software-adoption costs. We sell subscription licenses for our products as annual offerings. 

You may move from subscription licenses to perpetual licenses at any time simply by paying full perpetual licensing fees. Your subscription license usage rights expire at the end of the applicable subscription period if you do not renew the subscription. If your subscription license expires, you must immediately stop using and uninstall the software. 

Academic User Group

Micro Focus is committed to their academic customers and actively supports the Technology Transfer Partners Community (TTP). This is a closed community of technical implementors from the academic community around the world who work in central computing services of academic institutions. Membership of the group is free of charge and can add huge value to your relationship with Micro Focus. Please refer to the TTP website for more information, to explore the resources and to join up. Those wishing to view the discounted academic price list must join the TTP group via the link on the website as this is our mechanism to validate their academic eligibility online.


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