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Receive a 1-month Complimentary License for the Adoption Readiness Tool (ART)

by Micro Focus Employee in Welcome

Micro Focus is helping organizations who are preparing for prolonged absences, remote working, and office closures due to COVID-19. Receive a 1-month Complimentary License for the Adoption Readiness Tool (ART) software to help you work and learn online.

Dear Micro Focus Customer,
With the current business continuity challenges of prolonged absences, remote working, and office closures due to COVID-19, Micro Focus recognizes that our customers must be able to rapidly adopt new practices, applications, and collaboration solutions.

complementary.png.jpgMicro Focus is offering the Adoption Readiness Tool (ART) solution free for one month to help your company boost the user adoption rate of your business applications. Let us know if ART and our team of experts can help you rapidly generate customized on-boarding materials without the need for prior e-learning creation skills.

The Adoption Readiness Tool (ART) has been added to the COVID-19 business continuity site to help our customers create digital learning content for training, on-boarding, and support.

At Micro Focus, we use the Adoption Readiness Tool (ART) to auto-generate simulation-based learning content, job aids, and videos to create engaging digital learning content and structured on-boarding materials for our customers. ART helps our customers rapidly increase user adoption for their Micro Focus software solutions, related integrations, and other business applications.

Visit our product page to learn more about ART, see open course samples, and try the free online training “Getting started with ART” to see how ART can help with some of your current challenges.

We have scheduled a series of free Expert Webinar Sessions to help you gain more in-depth knowledge and learn directly from our ART experts. Whether your team is new to ART or hasn’t used it for a while, we’ve got a session for you!

Watch the Webinar
Boosting User Adoption
with ART
In this webinar for new customers, you will learn about: Effective on-boarding with simulation-based training; Auto-Generate simulations, videos, JobAids and runbooks;  In-Application Context Sensitive Help (CSH) for direct guidance; Customer Success Stories. If you prefer to join a live session, you can register your seat here.
Join the weekly Q&A Sessions
Reserve my seat
Feel free to join our weekly Q&A sessions and ask any technical questions about using ART and publishing your content. 

Watch Webinar 1
Create a Product
Demonstration Video

In this webinar for existing ART customers, we’ll use ART to Auto-Generate a Product Demonstration video, include voice narrations and a powerpoint slide. Our subject matter expert will share tips and tricks and will show how to add this video together with a Try-Me simulation into an ART Course module.

Watch Webinar 2
Create an
Online Course

In this webinar for existing ART customers, we’ll use the ART editor to create an online course with multimedia content. Our expert will demonstrate how to add step-by-step simulation-based exercises, MP4 video files, YouTube movies, images, and documents to the downloads section of your course.

Watch Webinar 3 
Create an
Assessment Module

In this webinar for existing ART customers, we’ll demonstrate how to use the ART course editor to include knowledge checks and an assessment module in your course. You’ll learn how to add various types of questions into the assessment and add simulations as Test-Me into the assessment. We’ll also show you how to configure and generate the SCORM file, so that you can upload it to your Learning Management System and do full tracking and tracing on who passed the assessment.

Watch Webinar 4
Create a Process

In this webinar for existing ART customers, we’ll show you how to create a very detailed business process using Runbook. Our expert will publish several ART simulations to a web server and include the URLs into the Runbook. The Runbook itself is maintained in MS Word. Micro Focus Professional Services is using this technology to create their own Runbooks to document complex, internal administrative procedures. We’ll show you an example of what they have done.


Can’t make it to a particular Expert Webinar Session? Register for the session(s) to receive the presentation materials and a link to the webinar recording afterward.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. And visit the ART product page for more information about ART. Download the customer-facing ART presentation here.

Micro Focus ART is a Software Education product. Our consultants are specialists in implementing enablement and adoption programs. Learn more at marketplace.microfocus.com/education.

The very latest Software Education newsletters and articles can be found in the Education Blog Channel on the Micro Focus Community portal. On the Micro Focus Learning YouTube Channel, you and our customers can see great training content, trailers, and foundational learning for our Micro Focus software. This is a great resource so make sure you subscribe and share.

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