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Have you noticed that the CyberRes Community homepage looks a little different? With All NetIQ communities being re-organized into four primary product portfolio communities – NetIQ Access Management, NetIQ Identity Governance & Administration, NetIQ Privilege Management, and NetIQ Policy Orchestration. But don’t worry, all of the existing NetIQ communities will still be active and accessible to all community users. We simply wanted to provide you, our community users with a better user experience. Below you will find some useful information regarding the NetIQ community changes:

How are the NetIQ communities grouped?

The NetIQ communities are grouped by their product portfolio communities and then by each individual product community. Here is a list of how each current product community are now grouped.

NetIQ Access Management

  • Access Manager
  • Advanced Authentication
  • Risk Service
  • Secure API Manager
  • SecureLogin
  • Self Service Password Reset

 NetIQ Identity Governance & Administration

  • Identity Manager
  • Identity Governance
  • Data Access Governance
    • File Dynamics
    • File Reporter
  • eDirectory
  • LDAP
  • Validator

 NetIQ Privileged Account Management

  • Privilege Account Manager

 NetIQ Policy Orchestration

  • Universal Policy Administration (community coming soon)
  • AD Bridge
  • Change Guardian
  • Directory & Resource Administrator
  • Group Policy Administrator
  • Secure Configuration Manager
  • Security Solutions for IBM i

Did anything on the NetIQ product communities change?

No, nothing on the individual NetIQ product communities changed. The only changes you see are to the CyberRes Community homepage where instead of seeing each NetIQ product community, you will now only see the four NetIQ portfolio communities. Simply navigate into the portfolio community to get into the product community.

The other change is to the URL to the individual NetIQ product communities. If you have bookmarked any of the NetIQ communities, they should automatically be redirected, but we recommend updating them to be safe.

How else can I navigate to the individual product communities?

You can always navigate to the product communities by using the hamburger menu, from the Micro Focus Community homepage “Select a product to ask a question, join a conversation, or share your ideas”, or by clicking on “Ask & Explore” to see the complete list of product communities.

Will I still be able to access the NetIQ Portfolio and Product communities?

Yes, you will be able to access all NetIQ Portfolio and Product communities.

If you have any questions, please contact