Meet Our Winter 2020 Featured Knowledge Partner: Diethmar Rimser

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Congratulations to our Winter 2020 Featured Knowledge Partner, Diethmar Rimser, Entrepreneur, and GroupWise Expert!

rimser.pngOur final Featured KP of 2020 is Diethmar Rimser, aka Rimser in the Micro Focus Community. Rimser started with Novell in 1985 when the company produced network hardware. However, the business landscape changed over the years. Novell was bought, sold, and is now part of Micro Focus. So he followed the products, working with NetWare in the beginning and then becoming an expert in the GroupWise suite!

(Answers have been edited for length and clarity.)

Tell us more about yourself and your experience with Micro Focus.

I studied computer science in my home city, Linz. During my work at the university, local area networks became my focus; at that time I installed one of the first Novell networks in Austria (NetWare V4.6, hardware from Novell! based on Motorolla 68000). In the beginning, I worked a lot with NetWare; the file system and access control were incredibly fast and efficient (and still are). Working together, sharing files, taking care of access rights was the beginning of collaboration. At that time, Wordperfect Office was one of the first products to cover this "new" world. Novell bought Wordperfect and renamed Office to GroupWise where I finally landed!

Since that time GroupWise has been my main interest and money maker. But GroupWise was not enough to communicate and to collaborate. Vibe stepped in to fill the gap. Vibe is the origin for other products - Filr and Teamworks. And finally, Gwava products became part of the collaboration family. Of course communication without mobility is not possible. So all these products around communication and collaboration are my business focus.

How long have you been a Micro Focus Community Knowledge Partner and what are the highlights of the program? 

Less than a year now I am a member of the Knowledge Partner team. I joined because Laura Buckley asked me if I am interested. In recent days I liked the Novell support forum and in case of troubles I tried to find an answer there. The Community is the successor of the support forum following the same goal. We (the Knowledge Partners) try to find solutions or to deliver an idea how to solve a problem. In case of problems, requests, or complaints we use this platform for our own needs. So Knowledge Partners are part of the community as if they are common members, and that's what I like - working together to solve questions and achieve a goal!

Are there any projects you are working on right now relating to Micro Focus and/or the Community?

I like communities. So I founded a community for GroupWise in Austria with Novell Austria's help. These small and very successful activities in Austria convinced some more guys in Europe to do the same. GroupWise & Friends, GroupWiseR and finally Open Horizons were successors. I am still part of the Open Horizons management team.

What else can you tell us about yourself and your activities outside the community?

Sometimes there is life outside of GroupWise. So I have a wonderful family with two lovely daughters. I like to listen to music but not any particular genre. I was very active in younger days, but it turns out sitting in front of computers is not the best for one's weight. So I started to run to lose weight which I still do (and have to do)! 

About the Program

The Micro Focus Community recently launched our Featured Knowledge Partner Program. Each month, we highlight a Knowledge Partner and their outstanding contributions to the Community, their background, and their experiences with Micro Focus products.

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