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Website Navigation Feedback Needed!

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We are currently redesigning a new navigation on microfocus.com. We want to collect some feedback from you, our Community members, about this new prototype.   

To give you a little background, we ran a tree testing 2 years ago for our old navigation, and 68% of users could not find the product they were looking for. The main responses from the testers were confusing information on Business Units (product groups) and Portfolio (sub-product group) levels. We then implemented a fix with a flattened version of the top 10 products only, which is the version you see on the site now. 

 For this new prototype, we are trying to improve:

  • Information Architecture 
  • Simpler Business Units (product groups) names
  • Functionality focus for Portfolio level
  • User experience (bring users to product group pages first, so users can have a better understanding of our product group before selecting products, similar to our CyberRes experience)

Please see the link below for the testing site:


It will be much appreciated if you could leave the recording option on while doing the testing. This information is highly valuable to us. 

Please follow the instructions on the site and complete 8 missions and 2 questions. You will click through the prototype, stop at the screen where you think it’s the answer, then click the next question to proceed. This is internal testing. You are more than welcome to contact Iris Lu iris.lu2@microfocus.com directly if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you very much for your participation!


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