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Infosys Awarded ADM SAP Quality Innovation Partner of the Year 2020

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Infosys Awarded ADM SAP Quality Innovation Partner of the Year 2020


Micro Focus is pleased to announce that our Alliance partner – Infosys – was awarded during the Micro Focus ADM SAP Quality Innovation Partner of the Year 2020 Award during the Micro Focus Virtual Universe conference May 19-21. Infosys’ unique approach integrates SAP testing solutions as a tailored approach designed to deliver an optimum SAP testing solution to clients using the Micro Focus Application Delivery tool-set by ensuring re-usability, efficiency, faster time-to-market, and higher productivity.

Micro Focus Universe is our largest customer and partner event of the year. During the conference, partners and customers got a chance to hear from host Amichai Lesser, Head of ADM Market Development and Raffi Margaliot, SVP and GM Application Development Management (ADM).

The sessions were a unique opportunity to learn more about the ADM portfolio updates and strategic directions. As one of the four critical focus business units, ADM leaders are thrilled to recognize this alliance for its contributions this past year to the overall business and announce this significant award recognition.

“We are delighted to be working with Infosys, said Kurt Sandquist, Global Director, Micro Focus Alliances.  This award for creating joint accelerators for SAP and building a functional automation kit is key to our joint success, and ultimately that of our customers.”

Our thanks as well to Infosys for their Gold sponsorship of our Micro Focus Virtual Universe 2020 event. Thanks to the suggestion of our trusted Partners and inline with the Micro Focus INSPIRE Corporate Social Responsibility Program, we are pleased to announce that all sponsorship dollars for the North America Micro Focus Virtual Universe event will either be donated to charities supporting the fight against COVID-19 or a partner’s local charity of choice. Micro Focus will be contributing additional funds up to a total amount of $100,000.

Many congratulations again to Infosys for their leadership shown driving ADM solutions and for being the Micro Focus ADMSAP Quality Innovation Partner of the Year 2020.