Micro Focus announces joint DXC Celeriti Digital Banking Solution

by Micro Focus Employee in Welcome

Micro Focus and DXC are very excited to announce its new Banking as a Service Offering. Why? So you can focus on what you do best: banking as a business!

DXC Celeriti’s Core Digital Banking solution—built on robust Micro FocusRegistered technology—offers banks an opportunity to meet the digital age head-on with an innovative, secure, scalable, BaaS platform, providing customers and employees with solutions that adapt at the speed of business.

The Micro Focus/DXC Celeriti Digital Banking Solution

The Celeriti Digital Banking solution is built on a proven, core banking engine that processes millions of deposit and loans accounts every day, equating to trillions of dollars of account value. The underlying Micro Focus technology provides a versatile, stable and scalable environment to support the delivery of innovative new financial services that banking customers and employees are demanding.  Our open solution helps banks empower customers with:

  • Account access through their preferred channels
  • New ways to relate to / manage finances
  • Broader understanding of bank solutions portfolio
  • Faster access to new products and services
  • Efficiencies in active money management

Together, DXC and Micro Focus help banks successfully navigate their digital transformation journey by delivering a modern end-to-end digital customer and employee experience.

The Celeriti Digital Banking Benefits

  • True digital omnichannel UX and banking processes centered around the Customer
  • Flexible, Opex, pay-as-you-grow model
  • Fraud and AML built in or use your own
  • Open and easily accessible data for customer analytics and value creation
  • Relationship packaging and pricing supports cross-selling and retention strategies
  • Multi-factor biometric authentication secures transactions for customer peace-of-mind

Want to learn more?  Here’s a quick 1 page flyer to help you further understand our joint offering.  Want to speak to one of our experts or get a demo?  Contact Julie Sheridan – Micro Focus or Thomas Demchak - DXC