The time is now to upgrade to Micro Focus Data Protector Premium or Express

by Micro Focus Employee in Welcome


Michael Tindal , Micro Focus Global Alliance Director

As a leading software company, Micro Focus knows just how important it is to both stay current with the latest technology trends and deployments but also ensure our modern tools work well with your current technology investment. It’s all about our customers being able to take advantage of new capabilities in the best way.

If you’re an existing Data Protector customer, you are already keenly aware of the benefits it can provide to your business. Yet, with the evolution of new technologies such as hybrid environments and the ascension of new challenges such as increased storage space usage, decreased back-up capabilities, and increased cyber threats, it’s critical to stay current. Today I want to highlight Micro Focus Data Protector and why upgrading makes sense for any customer still using traditional or older multi-license installations.  

Micro Focus has made it easy for our current traditional license Data Protector customers to upgrade to one of the latest editions – Premium or Express. These modern versions:

  • Are specifically designed for hybrid environments
  • Represent best-of-breed technologies
  • Contain new capabilities, features, and new integrations
  • Have no relicensing restrictions
  • Come at no additional cost in most cases (many customers will realize a savings)

Data Protector Premium and Express provide much simpler, “all you can eat” capacity and socket licenses that make everything simpler while improving cost control, predictability, and visibility. The new upgraded licenses contain all current Data Protector features in a simplified single license as well as a myriad of other benefits. Plus, we’ve partnered with HPE Pointnext services to make the upgrade easy and fast if you need help.

Watch the Micro Focus Data Protector with HPE video

We know change is never easy, but the gains are so much better. To make your evaluation even easier, we’ve pulled together in one easy-to-access place a few resources to help:

Explore the Data Protector LookBook

And if you need additional help, HPE PointNext Data Protector services experts will help expedite your deployment and integration process. They work side-by-side with you to determine the right solution you need and can help install, configure, integrate, and upgrade Data Protector within your environment based on your backup requirements and objectives. These are fixed-scope, fixed-priced services with multiple deployment options. Make upgrading a priority – it only makes good business sense.

I want to thank you for being a loyal Micro Focus Data Protector customer.


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