We’ve made upgrading to Data Protector Premium or Express much easier with HPE Pointnext services

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If you read Mike Tindal’s blog The time is now to upgrade to Micro Focus Data Protector Premium or Express, you will understand why it’s important to upgrade if you want to stay current with the latest technology trends and software tools. Simply put, as new technologies continue to evolve, so do new challenges; and you don’t want to fall behind. Modern versions of Data Protector represent best-of-breed technologies with new capabilities, new features, and new integrations. And to make the upgrade process much easier, Micro Focus has partnered with HPE Pointnext services.

Watch the Micro Focus Data Protector and HPE video

Pointnext services are specifically designed to flawlessly integrate the upgraded versions into your existing organizational landscape. These services are fixed-scope and fixed-priced services with multiple deployment options, all designed to:

  • Optimize Micro Focus Data Protector software within your IT environment based
    on your organization’s backup demands and business requirements
  • Accelerate time to value for your Protector deployment
  • Enhance your Data Protector investment using HPE and industry best practices
  • Achieve your data protection retention goals and the ability to meet service-level
    agreements (SLAs)
  • Achieve recovery-point objectives (RPOs) and recovery-time objectives (RTOs)

All this is a big reason why Micro Focus partnered with Pointnext services. They have the pedigree and provide a global delivery capability that helps to reduce the time, complexity, and risk during Data Protector implementation. 

Read about the Micro Focus Data Protector HPE Pointnext services

Even though Data Protector Premium and Express provide much simpler, “all you can eat” capacity and socket licenses that greatly simplify management and improve cost control, it’s important to call upon experts to deploy the right solution; and do so with the utmost efficiency and peace-of-mind across all phases – determining the right deployment option, installation, configuration, and integration. By upgrading to Data Protector Premium, you not only get all the current Data Protector features you’re used to in a simplified single license, but a myriad of other benefits – greater visibility, scalability, affordability, flexibility, and predictability. Doing it right with Pointnext services will guarantee the fastest path to value. 

We encourage you to make upgrading your current Data Protector product a priority. And to make your evaluation easier, we’ve pulled together additional relevant information in one location. For immediate assistance, contact your HPE Pointnext services rep or email us at naalliances@microfocus.com.


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