Add back Feedback to Webmaster - Example "Community Home - broken URL in IE

2011_07_10 There is a broken link. Open "Community Home", anywhere from a logged in user, on this new site. On the right margin under "HP Communities" there is a broken link for the selection, "HP Support Center", selecting it via embedded html, I get Error 404--Not Found / From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1: 10.4.5 404 Not Found


This appears to be a problem with the embedded URL in the Source for the page. This was from IE9. I tried Compatibility View, no change.


Strange, though the Copy Shortcut, is, which in a new Window does work! No issues in Chrome or FireFox/Mozilla with this link. The base forum page, when in chrome showed as


In IE9, same forum page, when logged in with HP Passport is from 

I was able to replicate this problem in IE7, different computer, different HP Passport login, same Error 404--Not Found.


Also found IE redirection issues attempting to use also showing Error 404--Not Found

On both IE7 and IE9 different computers, different HP Passport using different email addresses, registration logins (one work Enterprise, one personal Consumer), I was able to duplicate the above issue, but only with IE.


DNS appeared to be working properly on both computers, most all navigation, otherwise.


More importantly.


Please consider adding to new Insight Online (new ITRC) - this forum the option at the bottom of the page for "Feedback to Webmaster" on all pages since this is very valuable for communicating issues such as this.