Levels in this forum?

Hi All,



I just saw a post saying, we will need valid support contract? Will you not support if we do not have this info?


Also may i know what are levels in the forum, that we get?


Currently mine is Frequent advisor, want to know all the levels, and how i can contribute to this forum , to get a higher lrvrl?





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  • I don't know all the levels, but I know that the number of posts you make is one factor in the title (i.e. Frequent Advisor) assigned to you. There may be other factors too.

    This specific forum does not require a support contract. This is a user forum. There is an additional private forum available only to users who also have a valid support contract. A valid support contract will also give you the ability to access the HP Support Site to open support cases and get additional help from HP. That site is http://support.openview.hp.com/