Separation between posts and certain styling feedback

Separation of posts in topics:

The separation between posts are very hard to see. Sure it's fine if you are looking at a topic or two, but for some of us that reads a large amount of topics and utilizes the forums a lot, the massive amount of white is really hard on the eyes it makes it harder to quickly see the separation between posts.

Example from any random topic:


There is plenty of ways to make it stand out a bit. For example you can wrap the whole post with a square around each posts, and make the lines just a few pixel thicker (or bolder).

Having another background color would also help if that is not possible, where the left and right side of the page is microfocus blue or something, while the main column in the middle with the posts stays white.

Worst case scenario, maybe making just the existing line thicker and bolder is also possible.

Top menu bar takes up way too much space:

There is plenty of good things with the new UI, and the only main point i would say that I have issues with, is the large amount of space taken up by static information, giving the user so little space to both write and read things on the forum.

If you move the language, link, notification and user icon down tot he same grey line as the search bar and the rest, you at least get some more space to play with. There is also plenty of javascript ways to hide the main menu totally while scrolling (appearing when you scroll upwards again), or able to manually hide it by clicking a button, would be awesome if possible at some time in the future!.

Documentation page product separation:

Would it be possible to create button like separation on the documentation page, similar to what you now have on the product pages? Examples below:

and (product choices)

image.pngCompared to this:

Icons not really needed of course, but some separation of text would surely be handy.

Separation in general:

I think the rest of the separation things could just go into this catchall category. In general there is very much white, while no separation of content, or lists of contents (like the newsfeed or anything else with multiple contents in a list). Would be great to see some separation on this in the future if you feel it would be useful!.


Favicon seems to be missing on pages like when you are viewing a specific topic. For people with lots of tabs open, it is quite hard to find out which tab is the community one, as people (including me) often use the icon to differentiate between tabs.