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Say I'm several layers deep into the Forums, within a community board and do a search.

Now say this search returns 0 results. I can see a text description of the board I've searched within, and can click an 'X' to remove this board (not sure what purpose this serves?). But how do I return to the board I've just search in to view its contents again? Unless at least 1 result is returned it seems to only way to do this is to click the 'Back' button within the browser. Can we have a link?


  • >But how do I return to the board I've just search in to view its contents again?


    I don't even bother.  I just open a tab to do a search.  Perhaps holding Back down to go back N might also work.

    I recently found out in firefox that if you Control click on Reload, you clone the current tab first.

  • Thanks Dennis! That is a pretty good work-around.

    Hopefully the bread-crumb or whatever they call it will be added to the search results screen in the future...
  • Also on the topic of searching, there are unfriendly error messages if your session times out (happens way to often by the way) while sitting on the search screen.


    Try to conduct a search after your session has timed out (btw there is no way to know when your session has timed out) and the below error is displayed:


    Authentication Failed.

    • Authentication Ticket Mismatched, failed authentication.


    Very informative message, but  why can't I perform a search? If I click "sign in" then it magically works again...meanwhile if I had not logged in initially and tried to search, it would work fine. So search is not restricted to a logged in user, but it seems if you were logged in and your session times out you are no longer allowed to search...

  • Verified Answer

    If you are logged into the Community and performing a search, that search instance is associated with your session. The search engine reads the authentication token to implement your preferences, and if your authenticated session ends, it needs you to re-authenticate to complete the task. It will remember the contents of your search session, so you won't have to re-enter your search terms.


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