Feedback on your new interface

The new interface is easier to read.  I like that it actually remembers my login between sessions.

There are some issues;

Exact phrase searching does not appear to be working as desribed under "Advanced"  ("Use quotes to search for an "exact phrase"").  

The link at the top of the page titled "Do you have feedback on our new interface" is broken. When I click the drop-down arrow there is a link under "Let us know HERE" but clicking the link doesn't do anything. This happens in Chrome & IE11. The URL is displayed in the status bar when the link is highlighted so the link is definitely there, it just doesn't do anything when clicked.

Finding the Feedback forum isn't easy.  The only way I could find to get here is from the Communities front page & navigating to "Keylinks / Community Quick Links / Contact Links / Community Feedback".

I can't see a way to filter results to just the feedback forum.  For example I wanted to see if "Exact Phrase" searching had been mentioned already.  However "Community Feedback Suggestions" doesn't show up as an option under the Location search filter & there doesn't appear to be a top-term that relates to it.  

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