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Thanks Helen. I look forward to hearing back about how this goes.


Mick Regan actually works with a different team, however I have been unable to change the user ID associated with the group login used here.


If it was possible to get this changed, or for me to change it, that would be great.



- Posted by another member of the team, not Mick Regan.


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- Hp Forum Moderator


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  • Hi Greg, 


    That would be a workaround, and I do have at least one other identity on this site, though in case of handover or involvement of other stakeholders within the business (rather than just my history), it's easiest to share a single login that relates to all our dealings with HP (from hardware through to software).


    This Discussion Forum functions as a valuable extension of formalised HP support requests, and being able to see the history of support requests is useful over time.


    The only place I can see in Profile to change screen names  is: 



    This is only for social networking & instant messenging type contact changes.


    - Posted by another member of the team, not Mick Regan.