I can`t access to previous account

Hi All

I have a Honored Contributor account and after change i can`t access to that.

from registered email i try to login on previous account but all contents lost.

how can i back previous account access?

Lost account profile : community.microfocus.com/.../126915

New account profile: /members/amirzargaran



  • Hi Amir,

    I found the problem.   You created your new account with a different email address  than you used in your previous account.    I'll send you an email with your account information and the process we need to do to fix it.   Watch for the email (since I don't want to publicly post your email addresses here). 

    To anyone else reading this, in order to have your new login account sync up with your existing account here, you must use the same email address to create the new login account.  It's not critical, but it would be good to use the same login ID as well.    Be sure to validate your email address after you create your new login account before trying to login here or you will get an error. 

    I know, it's complicated and inconvenient, but in the long run, it will be worth it to have one login for all Micro Focus systems.   Sorry for the inconvenience. 

  • Hi kgroneman, maybe you are able to help me, with my issue, which is I think very the same thing!

    I had MF account created - one year ago, with the same email address as I have had for HPE account for this community portal. So actual migration from HPE to MF accounts with the same email address (as you suggested) is not available for me. Right now I'm not able to login to my old account with all settings and badges I had. I'm only able to use my old MF account which is empty...

    Can anybody in MF correct this bug of account transformations? It looks like this switch doesn't count with users that have had MF accounts, so HPE accounts haven't been transformed/linked to existing MF accounts...

    PS: I created a ticket on your support (as suggested by a link on the top of this portal) and tried to communicate with 'DeeDee Sanchez', but she hasn't responded to my questions for more than a week:(

  • Hi.   Sorry you're having problems.   It's not a bug.   Follow the instructions in THIS POST and if that doesn't work for you, there's a link at the bottom of that post to use to get help.  

  • Hi kgroneman, this is that not working BUG. I did exactly what is written in that guide and it will say that my email is used = of course, it's used = I used this email address one year ago to create MF account...

    I created a ticket to that support portal mentioned in that guide - no response!

    That's the reason I write here to you because that guide is not working for me and support is not working too:(


    Thank you very much




  •   Due to privacy issues, I can't help you with your account here in this forum.   As I suggested, in my previous message, if that didn't work for you use the CONTACT US link at the bottom of the article I pointed out to you and I'll be able to help you that way. 

  • Ok, thank you, I will create another ticket:)