Protect724 changes

There are some questions about the new platform.

1. What about ranking system? As for me, It's not clear for users. I don't understand new ranking system, is there any doc about it? Is it possible to show absolute rank in my profile? I can't see my real contribution! I think, "likes" and publications number are not so good parameters for ranking...

2. I was the private group administrator before that. I manually solve about members number after joining request. I use uploading, viewing statistics. The administration was very flexible, I was able to add dashboards and other content for the best perception of all my job in this space. All arcsight groups were in list, which was sorted by followers number. Now users can't see, which group is more popular! So, current functionality is very bad! We took a step backward in Porotect724 project(

Sorry for critique. I hope, we see many changes to do this project better in future.