Standardize on the ISO date format

The ISO 8601 date format was the default date format for the Community on the Khoros platform. It is the international standard and mandates that the month and day be specified using two digits.

That date option is not available in one's profile:

date formats.PNG

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  • Hi I created a ticket with Telligent asking if we could have it added or if there was a reason it is not an option.  We'll see what their response is.

  • Hi   I thought I posted their response asking for some more information but I think I may have closed my browser or my computer rebooted, etc., etc., etc.  Anyway, sorry I didn't get back to this sooner but this is their response:

    Hi Chris,

    I'm not familiar with this date standard. Would it be possible to list the advantages of using this over what is already available on the community side please. I appreciate and ISO industry standard representation of date/time would be one of them but I would be interested in the idiosyncrasies of what the other benefits would be. Any use cases being community specific would be helpful. Based on that I'm sure I can raise a feature request to include in a future version.

    Kevin, if you can answer that I will let them know and see what they say.


  • Kevin, if you can answer that I will let them know and see what they say.

    Hi Chris,

    Look at the first sentence in my OP for that answer.

    I can't believe that whoever it is who replied has never heard that ISO standard.

    There may be (are) many different regional standards. There is only one international standard. That was the standard the Community adopted. I'm not aware that anyone made a conscious decision to change. That option just disappeared with the transition to Telligent! 

  • Thanks I have noted your response from the OP in the ticket.  From his initial reply it sounds like it would be a feature request for a future version.  :-\