That's a bad idea!

In the various Idea Exchanges, ideas themselves are neither good nor bad. They are merely suggestions as to how a product's behaviour can be modified to address a specific issue or incorporate a new feature.

The Product Managers do a pretty good job of monitoring ideas and implementing the most appropriate ones but what do we do when we encounter a idea in one of the Idea Exchanges which, if implemented, could severely impact our use of the product? Currently, all we can do is leave a comment and if such a comment already exists most of us will just move on.

Should we not be able to vote against an idea?

The Telligent platform has the ability to do this but that feature is not implemented. While the final decision whether or not this capability should be incorporated into our Idea Exchanges lies with the Product Managers, what do you think?

Comments are welcome. If you would like to be able to vote against an idea, please "Like" this thread.

Kevin Boyle, 
Knowledge Partner

Calgary, Alberta, Canada