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Hi all,

In my place of employment, our vetted platforms for external parties are strictly Windows 10 + MS Edge.

In my opinion, we should be verifying all projects work on "Windows 10 + MS Edge", per our comms page.

However, a colleague is adamant that we don't test that combination, and instead focus on "Windows 10 + MS Edge Beta".

My main issue with this approach is:

1. Projects reach production before browser updates roll out for use.
2. Our timeframes for testing do not provide the capacity to test projects over both Edge and Edge BETA.

So, I am of the opinion it must be "Windows 10 + Edge".

While my colleague stands firm it should be "Windows 10 + Edge Beta"

Please either direct me to information where this is discussed and an standardised industry approach is documented, else; in the event that such information isn't specified with a black or white answer - let me know your individual thoughts.

It'd be great if I could create a poll in this post!

Thanks for taking the time to read / respond.


  • Hello, I think this community is not the right place to ask your question. Why don't you post your question in the MS community?

    OpenText Community Manager
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  • Al,  are you using any Micro Focus (now OpenText) products in such dev and test?

    If so, then those products particular forums rather than such a general area for this topic.  And given the Microsoft products mentioned, Microsoft forums might be an additional and/or better place to bring this up.


    Andy of in Toronto
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