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Change the logic when user Marked as Solved


Following from this, it is not possible to remove the "Marked as Solved" button from SMAX portal.

However, since the Marked as Solved will turn the Completion code automatically to "Abandoned by user", this results in incorrect tracking from our side due to the fact that any abandoned by user ticket will not be included in the analysis of ticket resolution.

We would like to request if it is possible to enhance the logic if the user click the button of Marked as Solved, instead of Abandoned by user, the ticket will automatically turn to "Fulfilled offline".

Another suggestion to consider is if the ticket completion code turned to "Abandoned by user", ticket will not be automatically closed and agents still have the option to close the ticket from their side with the Close button available on the top right (just like how we normally close the ticket).

  • Hello - I suggest you repost this in the SMAX Idea Exchange, which you can find here:  SMA Idea Exchange 

    The idea exchange is private so you will first need to request membership but if you post it there, our product managers and Idea Moderators will more likely see it than here. 

    Raquel Winkler
    OpenText Community Manager
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