Stupid Windows 10

I think it might be the latest Insider build, but I can't complete the
download of anything that needs SSL, without getting a network error.
I've completely removed my antivirus, I've tried a different NIC, I
think I'm going to have to go back to square one and reinstall, unless
anyone's got any ideas...


Shaun Pond
in my "day job" I work for ENGL; our aim is to make Windows deployment

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  • Shaun Pond sounds like they 'said':

    > Shaun,
    > it appears to be right at the end, maybe when the connection is
    > closed? there's no problem in safe mode...

    So my response to Shaun's comment is...

    Weird, we have a similar problem when trying to ftp from one particular
    site. All other sites work fine and we can ftp from this site from
    outside our firewall.

    Wonder if the checksum is causing some error or something.

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