Stupid Windows 10

I think it might be the latest Insider build, but I can't complete the
download of anything that needs SSL, without getting a network error.
I've completely removed my antivirus, I've tried a different NIC, I
think I'm going to have to go back to square one and reinstall, unless
anyone's got any ideas...


Shaun Pond
in my "day job" I work for ENGL; our aim is to make Windows deployment

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  • On Thu, 02 Mar 2017 03:46:01 GMT, Sewermonger
    <> wrote:

    >I think a bucket or two of sheep food, several truck loads of
    >grasshopper food, a boatload of windoze 10 installation disks and at
    >least a pint to two of a beverage that you start spelling with the
    >letter "G" would improve the process.
    >wash, rinse repeat

    Been a long time! How you doing?

    Yep, Windows 10 is a pain. Fortunately still running 7 at work. But
    I have one 10 box at home that I use occasionally to try to get
    familiar with it. Don't like it though.

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